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March 30, 2021

In today’s climate, staffing can be  a challenge. Many companies are facing increased demand in new ways with limited staffing, creating financial and workplace challenges. That’s why making appropriate updates to your staffing plans is an important first step in the hiring process. These changes will allow you to have actions in place prior to posting your job listing and facilitate hiring success. We’ve put together some hiring tips to add to your plan to create efficiency in your next hiring process.

  Tip 1: A good way to save time in your hiring process is to try to avoid the costs of a hire that doesn’t work out. While sometimes this can be unavoidable, hiring someone that doesn’t end up staying with your company can be costly. Take some time to really find the right fit by reviewing all applicants and you’ll end up saving in the long run.

Tip 2: Improve employee retention. Hiring new employees can often cost your company much more than keeping your existing employee base. But, you also want to implement practices that keep your current employees satisfied in working for you and your company. Some ideas to implement this include holiday parties or bonuses, recognition of a job well done, annual salary increases, etc. Your employees want to know that they mean something to you and your company. A little employee recognition can go a long way.

Tip 3: Automate your on-boarding process. In order to get your new hire on the field as quickly as possible, you’ll want to make their on-boarding process as easy and as smooth as possible. Try to make training videos interesting and allow for online or simple paperwork processes.

Getting the process of hiring down can be a difficult job, that’s where staffing agencies like Condustrial can help step in. We not only make it easy to find your next candidate, but we also streamline the process to help the candidate find their way to you. With dozens of positions featured across the Southeast, our dedicated team will help you find the candidate you’ve been looking for. Browse our website, condustrial.com, to learn more about how we can help you find your next candidate.

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March 2, 2021

It’s no secret that 2020 was a bit of a dumpster fire, as the pandemic changed the way a lot of people work we work and scrambled original job predictions for 2020. No one really could have seen the changes brought on bu the pandemic and how quickly we were able to transition to a more remote workforce.

It appears that the Covid-19 pandemic is still the reality for early 2021 and likely will be through the remainder of the year. As so, here are several predictions experts are sharing regarding how this ongoing pandemic reality will affect the workforce in 2021.

Firstly, Remote work is here to stay. As we still maintain safe working practices and social distancing we will still be seeing remote work in most fields. Many who form bonds with coworkers are seeing this become more and more difficult as our social beings are suppressed, but unfortunately returning to the office will most likely be a slow process that won’t occur until most are vaccinated or numbers begin to significantly decline. Some companies have even expressed feelings towards staying remote permanently as many others do enjoy the increased flexibility and time home with family.

We also predicate a continuation of layoffs and job seeking. The pandemic has still taken a financial toll on many companies, and some that were once able to make it through lockdowns and initial waves are now starting to really suffer from the prolonged effects of the pandemic and are in turn shutting down or continuing to lay off employees. Because of this we will continue to see many jobseekers competing for available positions. Job seekers this year may be more familiar with these new remote hiring processes and Zoom calls and they may also be more apt to going the extra mile for a position. For example, hiring a resume writer, actually including a cover letter, taking a pay cut, and more. We do still predict this process to take a bit longer than usual as employers filter through a much larger amount of applications and the hiring process taking a bit longer with virtual inconsistencies.

Many experts also predict an increase in employee burnout. As employees are lacking social interaction, worrying about job-loss, and feelings of being overworked, many will likely begin to burnout faster than normal. This means employers and managers need to give as much compassion as possible in order to keep employees happy and at peak performance. We especially see this burnout already in the massively overworked healthcare field and do continue to see this be a trend throughout the remainder of the year as we attempt to distribute vaccines on a widespread scale.

Finally, we are beginning to see a new trend in the workforce with older generations retiring and younger 2021 online-learning graduates entering the force. Many older generations, specifically the Baby Boomers are entering into retirement age and are making considerations for retiring early due to challenges and burnout from the pandemic. This makes room for younger generations who are currently lacking real-life experience due to online learning to get paid less to earn this experience. Many of those new to the workforce will have to keep an open mind during the hiring process and really have ways to sell themselves to stand out from the highly competitive job market we are currently facing.

While 2020 was a mess, we do have hope for 2021 and entering into 2022 as we get a handle on the pandemic. Many workers have been asked to handle something that was previously thought as unmanageable and have been doing so successfully. We praise all of our frontline workers that continue to see an increase in demand and praise our essential workers for being there when needed most. If you are currently seeking a new position, visit our website to see what’s currently available and let us help you tackle 2021.

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February 9, 2021

As a manager, one of the most important duties you have is to be aware of your employees and their feelings. Overall, a company should care about keeping their employees rather than having high turnover rates. In the end, this will save the company time, money, and effort of keeping good employees instead of having a “revolving door” environment. To keep employees happy and to understand them, you need to know what factors lead employees to quit. Here are the top 3 reasons why employees quit and what hiring managers should be looking out for to increase employee retention.

Pay Rate

While rate of pay isn’t always the most important thing to a job seeker, it is often very important to those making a job decision. Pay rate not only helps the employee provide for themselves and their family, but also is a way of the employer letting them know they are doing a great job. Especially in today’s times with services like Glassdoor, employees know how much they are worth and what their anticipated salary should be. From a business perspective, the cost of replacing a good employee can be up to 2 times the employee’s salary, between paying others overtime to cover the costs of being understaffed and paying for new-employee training.

Job Conditions

Conditions and circumstances of a position can change regularly as the company grows, as people leave, etc. Sometimes this change can create a new environment that employees don’t like. Additionally, if the position they are in lacks rooms for growth and advancement, which often happens in manufacturing type jobs, then employees may want to seek out other opportunities. Much of this is hard to control from a business perspective, but where there are opportunities to recognize employees dedication and hard work, managers should do so to encourage their employees.

Work Value

Most people want to feel valued in their work, they want to feel appreciated, and that what they do has a purpose for them, while not feeling under pressure or over stressed by their workload. It’s important for managers to let their employees know that they are doing a good job and to also recognize when they are feeling stressed out. Managers should check in on their employees mental health and feelings towards their jobs to know if adjustments need to be made. The work culture should also be created to make employees feel comfortable enough to speak up when something is troubling them or they are feeling undervalued. Sometimes this aspect of work and appreciation can go even further than a raise and can keep some of the best employees. This also creates a healthy work environment with open communication for all.

While there can be things out of the manager or boss’ control that lead to employees quitting, there are many things a manager can do to check in on their employees and listen to their needs to discourage them from wanting to leave. Creating a positive culture within a work environment is extremely important, especially within younger generations seeking employment. Understand the three above mentioned reasons why employees quit is key to ensuring higher levels of employee retention and getting more potential job-seekers interested in working for you. 

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February 2, 2021

Since the start of the pandemic, parents had to take on many different responsibilities. Aside from everyday parental duties, parents are now battling not only with working from home, but also with becoming a part time teacher and caregiver. Many school districts around the country have moved to online learning, and while a teacher is present for the lesson; homework, preparation, and practice has become a responsibility of parents to be sure their child is doing and doing it correctly.

This added responsibility can be stressful, especially when parents are already working from home in a totally new environment. That’s why now more than ever it is essential that managers are understanding of their employees’ needs.

Employees Need Your Support

Many full-time working parents during these times need some extra support from their management. They need a bit more compassion and understanding that in these times they have a lot of extra responsibility. Not all children are alike, of course, so while some parents may think that at-home learning is a breeze, other parents may be struggling to keep up with
their children and their children’s education.

How to reduce employee stress

During this high stress time, managers can help ease tension off their employees by simply giving them encouragement. Those who are working from home and may not be seeing their manager everyday might not feel like they are doing a good job or getting their job done, so as a manager, simply letting your employee know they’re doing good or a few words of
encouragement will go a long way.

Make task assignments clear

Managers can also lend their employees a helping hand by laying out work in easier to digest segments or easier to read terms. Maybe sending an email of things to be completed in a prioritized order will help a parent working from home to know what is essential in an easily understood manner.

Communication is vital

Finally, one of the most important things a manager can do to encourage an easier working environment with working parents is to encourage a line of open communication. This lets your employees know that if something comes up last minute or some sort of distraction happened at home, they can be honest with you and let you know that they might have missed something because of this. In addition, being honest and communicating effectively with your employee can boost production and create a higher value of trust in the workplace.

During these times, managers should be a bit more compassionate and understanding to all of their employees. At this point, everyone knows and understands we are in a pandemic and our worlds have been turned upside down. Acknowledging that your employees have been affected in multiple ways and responding to their needs accordingly, can greatly assist you in retaining the people vital to your business.

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December 15, 2020

With social media becoming so prevalent, especially in younger generations, employers are using Social Media tools to target perspective employees and people who are just entering the workforce. Apps such as Tik Tok and Instagram have been utilized to give people a look at the “day in the life of” a certain type of employee or employer and to show a real example of what that job would look like. And it’s working!

Since many younger generations have typically no set attachment to a specific career as they are just starting, they often are searching for different opportunities in different fields to figure out what works best. This is where a good social media presence comes into play. Younger generations tend to value a high work-life balance so using social media to showcase that your office has a good vibe or is a fun place to work is a great way to attract younger generations.

A good rule of thumb is to post to social media often while utilizing good content. You want to keep things real and also branded so users can easily recognize your company. You don’t have to make your feed exclusively showcasing this type of content, but you’ll want to sprinkle some videos and posts in while hiring, and don’t be afraid to get creative. Many companies also post reviews from current employees to give a real example of what it’s like to work for the company.

You also want to create a networking space on your social media. When users ask a question or send a private message, you’ll want to have a designated person running the account to ensure a speedy response time so that the potential employee feels valued and a good impression is made on them.

With over 94-percent of younger generations utilizing social media and billions of users per month, recruiters are successfully utilizing Social Media tools to target their audiences. Using some of the ideas recommended above you’ll be able to showcase your workplace to younger generations entering the workforce and why they would want to work for you!

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December 7, 2020

With 2021 just around the corner and this past year being a very interesting year for the overall workforce, hiring managers are taking notes on predictions for next year.  And while we don’t know what 2021 has in store for us, many recruiters are thinking hiring will include increased diversity, flexible scheduling, Artificial Intelligence, and more.

            2020 put a high spotlight on diversity, not only in life but also in the workplace. This diversity does not just focus on an individual’s background or where they come from, but also in ways related to experience and work ethic. With an entirely new generation entering the workforce and older generations retiring later, there is a larger diversity in working styles and experience. This allows for new and fresh ideas for the older generation, but also the ability to learn and pass down skills to the younger generations.

            If 2020 showed us anything it showed businesses’ ability to adapt to new ways of doing things rather quickly. Almost overnight employers moved to at-home working and added flexibility. Many hiring managers see this as something that will transition into 2021 and will likely increase workforce flexibility for employees. Some companies have even decided to move to permanent at-home work as a way to cut costs without having to layoff employees. This decreases overhead rent and office maintenance. For those that don’t like to work at home, we also expect an increase in shared space offices where you can rent a desk at an office to work from.

            Something that has been in an increase for a long time, but has had a production overdrive due to Covid-19 is Artificial Intelligence. As a way to ensure the safety of employees, many companies are turning to machines to help assist with the high demand for supplies such as PPE equipment, medical supplies, and more. Additionally, many companies have moved towards this as a way to keep their employees safe and unexposed, for example, self-checkout machines. This limits employees’ exposure to customers, while still allowing for efficiency.

            Many hiring managers also expect an increase in company branding and businesses begin to reopen and increase productivity and push marketing efforts as a way to make up for lost wages and business.

While we don’t know for sure what 2021 will have in store, we do have some expectations for the year of hire. As the economy begins to reopen, not only do we expect an increase in diversity among employees, a wide range of flexibility, and an increase in the use of Artificial Intelligence, but we also expect employers to begin hiring for more positions to make up for business losses in 2020.

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October 6, 2020

No matter what side of the interview you’re on, interviewing is hardly ever easy. Now, add in your neighbor’s dog barking and technical issues and it almost leads to panic! But, how do you manage to successfully find a new job or hire a new candidate in the middle of a pandemic? You adapt.

With the world turned almost upside down, companies are finding new ways to adapt to hiring challenges every day and are hoping you can too. So, what does this look like? Mainly, this looks like interviews and hiring processes will become virtual; over the phone, over programs such as Zoom or Facetime, and even email.

What can you expect from a virtual interview? A virtual interview will likely take place on Zoom or via phone to give interviewers a chance to learn about the candidate in a virtual space. Likely, you’ll set up a time just like a normal interview, but rather than driving out to a location you may just pick a quiet spot in your home to discuss job details. The interview will still go the same, generally, the interviewer will ask a series of questions to gauge the candidates fit for the position, then you’ll chat a bit and discuss future steps. Still not so sure? Don’t fret, we’ve prepared a few tips to boost your virtual interview success.

Virtual Interview Tips:

  1. Remember this is still an interview. You’ll want to prepare before the interview just like you normally would and be sure to read the job description to make sure it matches your skillset. Come up with a few ways, related to the description, in which you may have made an impact with a previous employer and show them what you’re all about.
  2. Be prepared with the technology. Take some time before the interview to ensure that your mic and speakers are working properly.
  3. Understand that we’re human and many of us are at home too. So, if your dog barks, your baby cries, or your partner walks in accidentally, it’s not the end of the world and your interviewer will likely understand.

Something new that you may experience through virtual hiring is more rounds of interviews. With such an influx of new applicants due to the pandemic, employers are wanting to be sure they are hiring the right candidate for them without being able to meet them in person. They may ask to call you a couple of times or ask you to put together a virtual presentation of your work to get a better feel about your fit for their company. Don’t get discouraged if the process may be taking longer than usual, we’re all adjusting. Instead, ask the hiring manager what the hiring process looks like for them so that you have a clear indication of what to expect.

While recruiters always have a list of skills in mind that they are looking for, a few more are standing out during these times. Communication and handling challenge and the top two of these skills recruiters are paying more attention to. Hiring managers will see how effectively you communicate through these new technologies and will gauge how you may handle a phone call with a customer. To boost your display of communication, highlight your proactiveness by ensuring timely follow-up, and thank you emails. You also may consider using the technology to your advantage, have a graphic design project you’ve been working on that relates to the role? Consider sharing your screen with recruiters to show them your skills. Recruiters are also keeping an eye out for how well you handle challenges. If your audio becomes faulty during your interview, don’t get angry and discouraged, show the hiring manager how you can remain calm while you figure out what’s going on. You may even consider sharing some stories with the recruiter of how you overcame a challenging task at a previous employer.

As is in any interview, it’s a two-way process. The hiring manager is trying to decide if you’re a good fit for them, but you also should be trying to decide if the workplace seems like a good fit for you. So, don’t be afraid to ask questions and get to understand who you’ll be working for and with. Make sure the job will fit your lifestyle, ask about how the company plans on having its employees return to work, or their pandemic safety precautions if they are on the job site. A few things to remember are that just as new as this is for you, it’s likely just as new and confusing for the hiring manager. They are experiencing the same types of difficulties and understand your concerns. While things may not be as smooth with technical challenges and life getting in the way in general, it’s important to keep an open mind during these new hiring processes. Just be sure to be prepared with talking points that highlight your communication, questions for the employer to better understand their process, and take a few moments before the interview to learn about the technology that you’ll be using.

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