Building a Stronger Workforce: How Hiring Managers Can Benefit from Veteran Skills in Construction

November 10, 2023

As we observe Veteran’s Day, it’s important to say thank you and focus on the increasingly significant role that veterans are playing in the construction industry. This trend is more than just about providing employment; it’s about recognizing and utilizing the unique strengths and experiences that veterans bring to the construction sector, creating a harmonious relationship that is mutually beneficial.

Exploring the Natural Synergy Between Veterans and Construction

The journey from military life to a civilian career is often laden with challenges, yet the construction industry emerges as a natural and promising fit for many veterans. As of 2023, the average job opening rate in the construction industry was 5.5, meaning there were over five job openings for every 100 positions. Despite a slight decrease in this rate, the industry has not recovered to pre-pandemic levels. For Hiring Managers, tapping into the veteran workforce could be a strategic solution to this persistent labor shortage.

This synergy is rooted in several key areas:

  1. Leadership and Teamwork: Military service inherently develops strong leadership and teamwork skills. In the construction industry, these skills are crucial. Veterans often excel in roles that require leading teams, coordinating projects, and ensuring cohesive collaboration, which are all essential in construction projects.
  2. Adaptability and Problem-Solving: Veterans are trained to adapt to rapidly changing situations and solve problems efficiently. These abilities are invaluable in construction, where projects often face unexpected challenges and require quick, effective decision-making.
  3. Technical Skills and Precision: Many veterans have technical skills and a keen eye for precision from their military training. These skills are directly transferable to construction work, where technical knowledge and attention to detail are paramount for quality and safety.
  4. Discipline and Work Ethic: The discipline and strong work ethic ingrained in military personnel align perfectly with the demands of the construction industry. Veterans are known for their dedication and reliability, traits that are highly sought after in construction roles.
  5. Safety Awareness: Safety is a top priority in both the military and construction sectors. Veterans often have a heightened awareness of safety protocols and risk assessment, making them valuable assets on construction sites where safety is paramount.
  6. Project Management and Strategic Planning: Veterans often have experience in project management and strategic planning, skills that are essential in overseeing construction projects. Their ability to plan, execute, and manage complex tasks ensures efficiency and effectiveness in construction operations.
  7. Resilience and Stress Management: The construction industry can be demanding and stressful. Veterans, accustomed to high-pressure environments, bring a level of resilience and stress management skills that are crucial for maintaining productivity and morale on construction sites.

Building a Future Together

This Veteran’s Day, as we honor the service and sacrifice of our veterans, let’s also acknowledge the profound impact they are making in the construction industry. The natural synergy between veterans’ skills and the needs of the construction sector not only provides meaningful career opportunities for veterans but also significantly enhances the capabilities and productivity of the construction workforce. By fostering this synergy, we are not just thanking our veterans; we are actively contributing to a stronger, more efficient, and dynamic construction industry.



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