The Importance of Electricians

August 31, 2021

In times of disaster, such as Hurricane Ida that just tore through southern Lousiana last over the weekend, you realize just how destructive nature can be and how much situations like these disrupt your life. Over a million people lost power due to this powerful storm and this happens often with major weather events. That’s what makes the job of an electrician so important. When the power goes out from major weather events it can be out for several weeks in some cases which can be detrimental to pretty much anyone that relies on power, that’s where the skilled electricians come into play. Often they’ll travel from around the country working long hours for several weeks at a time to get power back up and running for those who need it the most. And while becoming an electrician takes many hours of training for your safety and the safety of others in the field, we’ve come up with a list of steps you can take to get you there.

Step 1: Get your high school diploma or GED. Most electricians positions require a high school diploma or GED. Electricians need to have some basic math and science skills to be able to properly perform most job duties so be sure you have this in place prior to your search of becoming an electrician.

Step 2: Seek our formal training. Whether you’d prefer to do a program at a local trade school or technical college or an apprenticeship, spend some time doing research on which option best suits your needs. Oftentimes you can seek an apprenticeship that is a paid position where you will earn less at the cost of being able to learn hands-on, but this path can take a bit longer. If you decide to go to a trade school or technical college, be prepared to have to pay for courses or take out student loans to complete your schooling. After your training is done here you’ll receive a certificate and will be ready to enter into an entry-level position.

Step 3: You will likely need to get licensed. Depending on your state and local requirements you will likely need to get licensed in your skill-set. To get licensed you’ll have to take a knowledge test that will showcase your knowledge on electrical theory and real-life application, you’ll likely also be examined on local electric and building codes so be sure to study what is local to your area.

Step 4: Seek employment. There are likely thousands of opportunities across the country and probably within your local area that is hiring for electricians of all sorts. Probably the most common type of electrician is residential, but you can also explore other options as well, such as a lineman, but this does require additional schooling/training. It may take you a few years to become a master at your craft, but you’ll be able to advance along the way.

Electricians are extremely important to every household in the country in providing proper service so that your heating and cooling systems can function, or so that you can binge-watch your favorite streaming service. Whatever you need electricity for, be sure to thank your electrician for taking the time and dedication to get there. If you’re seeking an apprenticeship or entry-mid level position in this field visit our website to see available positions in your area.

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