How To Get Noticed On LinkedIn

January 5, 2021

With over 760 million LinkedIn users and profiles, it’s easy for recruiters to get lost in the mix of applicants. This is why you want your profile to stand out among the mix. How do you do this you’ve asked? Well, we’ve put together a few tips to get you noticed by recruiters on LinkedIn.

First and foremost you want your profile to look good, you want to look professional and the very first thing that most users and recruiters see is your profile photo. Because of this, you want a photo that looks clean, so, having a professional head-shot would be best, however, if you don’t have one check out our recent post about taking a professional-looking head-shot right from your phone.

Once you have a good photo, the second thing recruiters will notice is your summary, so here you want to put something that will draw the hiring manager into wanting to read your profile more. This can be similar to what you might put as a summary on your resume, but this is also a great place to talk about your skills, motivations, and interests along with your performance history and achievements.

Moving down the list of sections on the LinkedIn profile, you’ll also want to fill in your location to the nearest metro area or area in which you intend to work. Most recruiters are looking to seek candidates in their area to call for an interview, so leaving these sections incorrect or blank may cause you to get passed over.

To get noticed, you essentially want to fill out as much of your LinkedIn profile as possible to streamline your content and make it easier for a recruiter to find the information they are looking for. This means being sure to pick the industry you are applying for or are in, showcasing your up-to-date current employer, and creating a list of skills on your profile. Most recruiters are going to look for these three things once they land on your profile, so being able to guide them through your skillset and experience makes the process easier for them and better the chances you’ll receive an interview.

It’s important to fill in as much as possible with the most up-to-date information you have on your profile so that recruiters can easily find what they are looking for and can get in touch sooner for an interview.

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