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November 12, 2021

For many people the holidays are a time of stress. Most industries are working harder to keep up with demand and many workers are forced into working later shifts and longer hours which can make the stress of getting together with family feel extremely overwhelming. Stress in personal life can of course turn into stress in the workplace and eventually burnout. So, in order to keep your cool through the holidays, you must learn a few ways to alleviate some stress. Here are a few of our favorites ways to help you get through this holiday season:

  • Do Something For Yourself
    Start the day or work week off on the right foot by treating yourself to a nice cup of coffee from your favorite place or a special breakfast on your way in when you’d know it’ll be a stressful day. This will bring you into work feeling good and can help break up the tension for the rest of the day. When you have a stressful morning you can often set yourself up for failure through the rest of the day, so try to make it a positive morning.
  • Focus on Organization
    Organization, whether it’s of your tasks or the papers on your desk and help you feel more put together and can ease stress. Knowing exactly where something is can not only make your job easier but can also diminish the panic of searching for something when you need it right away. Being organized often leads to higher productivity and greater efficiency. Make sure to also prioritize projects so that you complete the most important tasks first.
  • Exercise
    If you have some extra time during your lunch or another break try taking a walk inside, since it’s likely cold, or outside for some fresh air if the weather permits. Sometimes just changing up the pace of your normal day to day can alleviate stress and physical exercise is known to be a stress reliever. This is especially beneficial if you have an office job so that you can truly give yourself a true break. Try not to think about work while you’re walking and who knows you may come up with your best idea when you have a clear mind.
  • Protect your Time
    If you are working on important projects, take time to work solely on task that enable you to complete your assignments with out distraction. This could mean putting off email and other meetings for a couple of hours each week and allow yourself to fully focus on specific task.
  • Set realistic goals
    Project deadlines and expectations can seem overwhelming. Set up weekly reviews and adjust timelines when necessary. Being realistic about project completion leads to better results as you will avoid the temptation to rush a project to completion.

Overall, it’s easy to feel stress in the workplace, but being able to acknowledge it and take action using the methods above will best help you conquer those feelings of stress and burnout and will help you get through this holiday season.

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November 4, 2021

Upskilling is an industry term that is becoming more and more popular, but what does it actually mean and how can you benefit?

For starters, upskilling in the industrial sector “refers to the process of individuals learning a new skill,” according to Essentially a way for an employee to learn a new skill in an effort to advance them in their career or increase eligibility.

Technology has created new possibilities that can be fully realized only by a modernized workforce. That means the workforce must learn new skills and competencies that are required for new and/or changing jobs.


Upskilling is gaining popularity as older generations, specifically Baby Boomers, are starting to leave their positions and retiring, leaving open availability to typically less skilled younger generations as creating a skills gap. In addition, the workforce has changed over the years and younger generations are often not given the same opportunities to study and learn about certain professions, they, as well as their employers, are taking matters into their own hands through upskilling and participating in training sessions to help advance and further their careers.

Scenarios Where Upskilling Can Lead to New Opportunites

  • Personnel looks to promote from within: more skills means more opportunities for growth in your profession
  • Increased automation in the workforce: being able to integrate and work with new technologies can lead to more responsibilities and earnings
  • Upskilling allows you to seperate from the pack: the more diverse your skill-set, the better you will be at addressing your employers present and future needs

Why Increasing Your Skillset is Important

So, aside from the potential to learn more and further your career, why else dedicate time to learning a new set of skills? Dedicating time towards enriching your skills can earn you a raise as you’re now more equipped for the position, it can make you more eligible for a promotion, and it can even help you make a career change and learn more about a career path that you’re interested in. Overall, it’s a great way to improve yourself and give you more power to negotiate.

With so many resources such as Skillshare, Udemy, and more it is easy to upskill in any industry. It’s best to take some time to learn what skills would be most beneficial for your specific career path and how you can learn those skills.

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October 28, 2021

According to there are over 800 million LinkedIn users and profiles worldwide making it extremely easy for your profile to get lost in the mix. That is why your LinkedIn profile has to stand out and reflect all of your skills. If you’re struggling to get noticed, here are a few of our best tips to help your profile bumped up to the top of the list.

First and foremost you want your profile to look good, you want to look professional and the very first thing that users and recruiters will see is your profile photo. Because of this, you want a photo that looks clean, so, having a professional head-shot would be best, however, if you don’t have one check out our blog to learn how to take a professional-looking head-shot right from your phone.

Once you have a good photo, the second thing recruiters will notice is your summary, so here you want to put something that will draw the hiring manager into wanting to read your profile more. This can be similar to what you might put as a summary on your resume, but this is also a great place to talk about your skills, motivations, and interests along with your performance history and achievements.

Moving down the list of sections on the LinkedIn profile, you’ll also want to fill in your location to the nearest metro area or area in which you intend to work. Most recruiters are looking to seek candidates in their area to call for an interview, so leaving these sections incorrect or blank may cause you to get passed over.

A Complete and Concise Profile Makes a Difference

To get noticed, you essentially want to fill out as much of your LinkedIn profile as possible and streamline your content to make it easier for a recruiter to find the information they are looking for. This means being sure to pick the industry you are interested in, showcasing your up-to-date current work history, and creating a full list of skills on your profile. Most recruiters are going to look for these three things once they land on your profile, so being able to guide them through your skill-set and experience makes the process easier for them and betters the chances you’ll receive an interview.

LinkedIn is a crowded space but following the steps outlined above should enable you to stand out as businesses search for potential job candidates and help land you that coveted interview.

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October 22, 2021

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Condustrial, Inc. specializes in the supplemental skilled labor market. Take a look at this video to get a feel for our industry, the industries we serve, and some first-hand testimonials from our clients.

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October 19, 2021

Have you ever gone on a job interview that seems to be going really well, maybe you’ve already done a few rounds of interviews but then you suddenly never heard back from the employer? Even after they told you, you’d hear from them later in the week? Chances are, you’ve been ghosted.

“Ghosted,” a term originally coined by the dating world is when someone ceases all communication with you without any warning and ignoring and additional communication that may come. While this typically happens in the dating world, individuals who are job searching often experience the same thing with a hiring manager/employer. 

And while being ghosted doesn’t necessarily mean you weren’t a good fit for the job, sometimes things happen and you may have slipped the recruiters mind or the needs of the position have changed, but boy can it be frustrating. Especially if you were highly interested in the position. But how do you know if that’s what has truly happened to you?  We’ve got a few ways to know whether or not you’ve been ghosted.

  1. You Have Yet To Hear Back: At the end of your interview, the recruiter may have let you know that you’ll hear back from them within a set period of time, that time has come and passed and you haven’t heard anything, even after the thank you email.
  • You No Longer See The Job Posting: Maybe you head back onto the job board where you found the application and it’s no longer there. Which could mean they’ve either filled the role or decided not to hire at all.
  • You Send A Follow Up Email And Are Ignored: You probably let some time go by waiting to hear back and then send a couple follow ups and still, no response.

If it’s been over a month or two with no communication, it’s safe to say, you likely won’t be hearing back and it’s time to move on. It’s not the end of the world, and truly being ghosted does not always mean you bombed the interview, many things can happen that cause people to get busy and forget to let you know. So try not to take it personal and prepare yourself for the next round of interviews. If you want to know more about how to avoid being ghosted, view our previous post “Ghosted: What It Means To Be Ghosted By An Employer and How To Avoid It.”

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October 13, 2021

We as humans inevitably will make mistakes, and although even a small accident can have a large impact, beating yourself up over a mistake is not the best way to handle it. Instead, we’ve pulled together a list of best practices to follow if you’ve made a mistake in the workplace to turn it into a learning opportunity. 

Allow Yourself to Feel

Oftentimes when we’ve made a mistake we feel terrible. We are so upset and want to do what we can to make it right, we may even feel embarrassed or worry about termination for the mistake. It’s ok to sit in that feeling for a minute to gather your thoughts, but don’t hesitate too much to act on your mistake. Try to reach out to a manager or supervisor to address the situation and remind yourself that it’s not the end of the world. 

Figure Out What Happened

If someone else had made the same mistake and came to you for a solution, what questions would you want to know? You’d want to figure out what happened, how it happened, what damage has been caused, and what can be done to prevent this in the future. So ask yourself those same questions so that you can begin to come up with a solution to offer to your supervisor. 

Try To Fix It 

It may not always be possible to do so, but try to see if there is a way to rectify the situation, if not try to think of solutions that can prevent something like this from happening again that can be used as a teaching tool for your coworkers. 

Have A Meeting With Your Supervisor

Once you’ve assessed the situation, without letting too much time go by, go and privately speak with your supervisor and be honest as to what has happened. Now will be a good time to offer up those solutions we discussed on how to fix or prevent the mistake. Don’t try to beat around the bush of responsibility, instead be factual and open about what happened. At the end of the day it’s likely your supervisor has been in your shoes and knows what it’s like to make a mistake, maybe even that same mistake, so try not to expect the worst outcome. 

Change Your Strategy

Now that you’ve made the mistake and have put some thought into how it happened and what could be done to prevent it, implement that change in your day-to-day to prevent the same mistake from happening again. 

Overall, mistakes are not the end of the world, and most employers, supervisors, and managers expect mistakes to a certain level of degree. So don’t get too down on yourself, mistakes happen, but what you learn from them and how you change after them is what is important.

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October 5, 2021

With the holidays just around the corner already (can you believe it!) companies are beginning their search for holiday employment. In almost every industry, the holidays are the busiest time of the year and often employers seek out additional help during this time, but how do they get this help and how can you find some of these positions? One of the most popular ways for employers and employees to find fits for these positions is through either a Staffing Agency or a Temp Agency. But if both agencies help people find employment then what is the difference between the two?

The main difference is the length of employment with the agency. Staffing agencies typically offer long-term/full-time opportunities, whereas temp agencies typically offer short-term/part-time employment opportunities.

A Temp Agency typically offers just that, temporary employment. These positions can last anywhere from one day to several months and it is not uncommon for employees to be sent to several locations throughout the duration of their employment. These roles typically include single-day assignments, seasonal opportunities, or specialty projects. These positions are typically in need of urgent placement and the interview process is usually very swift to get you in the door as soon as possible. These positions are typically entry-level and require little to no training to get you started based on your existing skillset. The agency’s main duty is to quickly find someone that fills the role, while also fitting the skill set required to complete the position, as possible. These positions can often be good resume boosters and can provide you an insight into a potential career path that you may be interested in.

While staffing agencies also offer temporary work, they overall provide opportunities at a wider range and include positions with long-term employment. Some other options you may find at a staffing agency are contract work, direct-hire, and temp-to-hire. Staffing agencies also provide a larger variety of job industries including, but not limited to administrative, industrial, construction, engineering, technical, manufacturing, medical, and more. Additionally, staffing agencies typically work to find the right fit for the role, rather than quick employee turnaround. Staffing agencies follow a more traditional interview process and will work closely with HR or ownership to see what kind of employee they are looking for to fill the available role. They will usually offer a set of questions specific to the position and may even inquire about your lifestyle to make sure that you’re a good fit for the culture. At the same time, staffing agencies also can work to the advantage of the employee and will help you find the right fit that meets your needs and lifestyle. 

While both of these agencies do a great job at filling the role at hand, it’s truly up to you as the employer or employee to figure out which best fits your needs. Are you in need immediately and are only looking for someone temporarily, or are you in search of a candidate that fits your needs that will become a part of your company? The same thing for the employer, are you searching for some quick cash, maybe on the side, or an opportunity that has you starting immediately, or are you searching for a position to help you advance in your career? Whichever best fits your needs, an agency will be able to help.

If you’re searching for a staffing agency to help you find the best candidate for your available position, or if you’re searching for a career opportunity, visit our website to learn more about how Condustrial can help.

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September 29, 2021

Throughout the last year many have had to adjust to drastic changes made because of the ongoing pandemic, and while we are finally starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel, the pandemic is still far from gone. This  means we are still waiting for life  to get back to “normal,” or at least what it used to be like. So we are still meeting on Zoom, limiting our exposure to others, maintaining social distance, and not networking in-person with others in our industry. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t and shouldn’t network in other safer ways or that networking will ever be the same. Here’s 3 ways you can continue to connect with people in your workforce to create relationships, make sales, and form a community all while staying safe.

Utilize Your Existing Network
Now that is it more difficult to meet new people at events and gatherings, it’s a good idea to strengthen your current relationships by asking for their referellas on others that they may know. While your pool may be smaller now, you’re connected to many more people than you think. 10 existing connections can turn into 100 if each of them knows 10 more people, and so on. This doesn’t even have to be a very formal conversation, just a casual recommendation of some people in their network that may be beneficial to connect with.

Facebook/Social Groups
Platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Clubhouse, and more offer dozens of different groups to join and network within. There are so many just like you looking to network and connect and are eager to do so in a virtual form. Setting up a quick message chat over Facebook can be a great starting point! Just a quick Facebook search for your industry can lead to dozens of Facebook groups to join. Not on Facebook? Other platforms like LinkedIn and Clubhouse are also great ways to connect. LinkedIn is like the businesses persons Facebook profile and essentially most are on there looking for connections within their area so sending a quick message to someone while complimenting their skills can be a great way to start off a conversation.

Connect Via Zoom
Of course we are using platforms like Zoom now more than ever and not just for business meetings, school, and interviews, but also for networking. Once you’ve connected with someone by seeking a mutual connection or finding via an online group you can invite them for a quick chat via Zoom. After all a Zoom call is the new “coffee shop meeting.”

The Covid pandemic has made us more resilient and versatile than ever, so it’s important to find what works for you and to continue to seek what’s helpful to you and your business. Just cause we are staying home and staying safe doesn’t mean things have to stop around us, we just have to welcome and adapt to the changes that come along with our current lifestyle.

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September 22, 2021

Working in a warehouse is an essential job position. Pretty much any item you purchase or receive has gone through a warehouse at some point and demand for these positions is constantly increasing. As companies move towards more access to online shopping and faster shipping dates, warehouse workers are needed to keep up with demand, especially as we enter into the Holiday season. In fact, according to CNBC, Amazon alone hired over 100,000 seasonal employees to keep up with demand.

While some may pick up a warehouse position on the side for some extra cash, others take the opportunity to try to make a career out of it as there can be many benefits to this type of employment.

Let’s take a dive into some of those benefits.

  • Pay and Benefits For Entry-Level: In comparison to many other entry level positions, warehouse work often pays more and offers better benefits. The average warehouse employee can expect to earn $33,841 annually, depending on your location, and benefits are often provided quickly and even to part-time employees.
  • High Job Security: In the last year many have learned just how important it can be to have a job that offers security. Thankfully, warehouse workers are highly in demand and therefore offer great job security. Additionally, these positions become essential especially when stores are forced to close and people shop online instead. Not only is the pandemic to credit for this, but overall increase for demand through online shopping was well on the rise long before the pandemic with no expectation to slow anytime soon.
  • Room For Advacement: In these types of positions, you’ll find that there is easily available room for advancement. Many in warehouse positions find themselves waiting only a few months to be promoted, rather than the years it can take in other industries. In fact, employers in the warehouse industry want to keep employee retention rates high and may even offer to pay for advanced trainings to help you move up.
  • Start Working Quickly: As these positions are clearly in demand, the hiring process is often swift. You shouldn’t expect to encounter too much of a waiting period for these positions. As long as you nail the interview and feel comfortable you should be on your way to your first paycheck in no time. Should you find interviews difficult or uncomfortable, be sure to check out some of our tips for interviewing HERE.

Overall, a position in the warehouse industry can be what you make of it. It can be the opportunity to make some extra money on the side during the holidays or it can be the next step on the path of your career. The benefits of the position and vast and with semi-flexible work hours you can surely make this type of position fit into your lifestyle. If you’re interested in learning more about warehouse positions or anything similar, view all of our open opportunities on our website:

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September 15, 2021

As an ongoing side effect of the pandemic, many companies are still facing employee shortages around the country. Many employees are finding remote positions, are seeking other opportunities, or are still have health concerns. This makes things a bit more challenging for the already overworked hiring manager and other staff. So what are you to do to get more people to join your team? We’ve come up with a few tips to get your company staffed throughout the upcoming season.

Tip 1: Avoid “Bad Hire” Costs: A good way to save time in your hiring process is to try to avoid the costs of a hire that doesn’t work out. While sometimes this can be unavoidable, hiring someone that doesn’t end up staying with your company can be costly. Take some time to really find the right fit by reviewing all applicants and you’ll end up saving in the long run.

Tip 2: Clearly Define Job Duties: Employees want to know exactly what they are getting into when searching for a job. It’s often that an employee accepts a position and then ends up doing something entirely different. While this is sometimes unavoidable with staffing changes and company growth, being as up front and honest with an employee as possible will really let them know that they are getting into, will develop trust in the company, and will lead to increased employee retention.

Tip 3: Improve Employee Retention:  Hiring new employees can often cost your company much more than keeping your existing employee base. But, you also want to implement practices that keep your current employees satisfied in working for you and your company. Some ideas to implement this include holiday parties or bonuses, recognition of a job well done, annual salary increases, etc. Your employees want to know that they mean something to you and your company. A little employee recognition can go a long way.

Tip 4: Know Your Brand: An important key is getting good employees and increasing employee retention is to understand who you as a company and really sell that. Try focusing on why an employee should work for you and why your company stands out from the rest. Additionally, highlighting your brand and marketing your hiring process will make a potential employee more likely to apply as they feel they recognize who your company is and may feel a higher trust.

Tip 5: Get Creative: Especially in today’s staffing climate, companies are coming up with new and creative ways to fill their staffing shortages. Some companies are adding signage, offering incentives and sign-on bonuses, offering increased wages, and so much more to get employees in the door and ready to work. This is important and a good way to keep up with the competition of other companies who are also seeking good employees and staff.

Overall, the current state of staffing is making big shifts in how employees value their work and their job duties, so being clear and honest can go a long way. Most employees want to get back to work but are starting to understand that their value goes beyond what they do, and many companies are going to have to shift to new strategies of employee retention and employee interest.

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