Discover These Career Paths for Plumbers

May 17, 2024

Plumbing is a great skill to have and a great career to get into. Not only does it often pay well, but there will always be a need for plumbing as almost everyone has it in their home or business. Because of this, the job is in demand, but many are often turned off to the idea of working in some less than ideal situations. However, having skills in plumbing does not necessarily leave you stuck as being a traditional plumber. There are several career paths a plumber can take, each offering different benefits and opportunities to learn and grow.

Here are several non-traditional plumbing career paths that have much to offer:

  • Pipefitter/Steamfitter: A more specialized approach to plumbing is a pipefitter. A pipefitter is someone who installs and performs maintenance on piping, typically in power and industrial plants. A pipefitter often monitors power generation systems, heating and cooling systems, and more to ensure these systems are properly working and up to regulation standards. This position does require a bit more skill than traditional plumbing, but with experience and knowledge in basic plumbing, it is a skill that can be easily learned. Similar to a pipefitter is the steamfitter, who tackles the same tasks, but with steam, rather than water.
  • Pipelayer: In a similar field to the pipe/steamfitters is the Pipelayer. In this positions you’ll likely be working on major pipelines and large scaled pipes. A pipelayer often manages the digging and grading of trenches that pipes will sit in. These types of pipes often carry sewage, gas, water, oil, and more and are often vitally important lines. The skills of a pipelayer also start with a background in general plumbings, but turn into a specialty for pipe laying.
  • Gas Service Technician: A Gas Service Technician is someone who works with gas pipes in homes and businesses. In this role you’d diagnose and repair gas leaks, and perform vital tests for mechanical performance on gas carrying machines. This is an important job that, oftentimes, could save someone’s life. In-home gas systems can be dangerous when not properly maintained so being able to specialize in the maintenance of these is a very important role. This is also a specialized position that requires a bit more training and schooling to learn than basic plumbing.

Career Paths for Plumbers

Even as a basic plumber you possess an important skill set that not many people have and with experience developed over time, you’ll have seen plenty and know plenty of ways to fix uncommon problems. This can often set you up in a great position to own your own business in plumbing. Being able to hire on an apprentice and teach them the way of the land can often kick-start a business of your own. Owning your own business does add on a huge responsibility of ensuring all of your technicians know what to do, so having an expertise in plumbing and being able to be a good teacher are just what’s needed to start something of your own. Of course, there are other added responsibilities of business owning, but there can often be a great reward.

Overall, there are several non-traditional opportunities for those with skills in plumbing. Most of which do require a bit of extra training, but often that provides a greater reward and potential. If you’re looking for a job in plumbing or any of the above mentioned positions visit to see what’s available in this field today!

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