Five Questions to Ask When Considering a Career in Construction

December 14, 2022

2022 has seen employment opportunities rise in the Construction field. In fact, the construction worker job market is expected to grow by 12.4% between 2016 and 2026. With growth predicted to rise, now may be the time to consider a career in Construction. But before you jump into any new career field, it is important to take stock of your skills and career goals. Here are five questions to ask yourself as you explore a career in construction.

What are My Interest?

As you begin, take time to think about hobbies and activities that you have enjoyed. Whether it was a love of legos or a desire to paint, our hobbies and pastimes can offer interesting clues into our skills and what we enjoy. Examining what sparks joy in your life can help you narrow down your interests to match with potential career opportunities.

When a career aligns with your interests, it is easier to be motivated and enables us to more easily reach our long-term goals.

What are My Strengths?

Career interests and strengths work hand in hand. What we enjoy doing usually coincides with what we are good at. Success often comes from identifying our strengths and developing the skills we are passionate about.

Do I Work Well on a Team or Solo?

Take time to explore your personality and identify workplace settings that complement your personality type. Construction work often takes place in a team setting but several jobs in this field can be attractive to people who prefer to work solo. Identifying the workplace environment that best suits you can go a long way towards guaranteeing career success.

Am I Willing to Travel?

Being open to travel greatly expands the amount of job opportunities you can pursue. Make sure to explore travel requirements as you begin your search for construction job openings. Condustrial offers job opportunities across the East Coast in a variety of fields.

What Education and Training Will I Need?

Construction jobs range from entry-level to advanced management positions. As you plan on entering the Construction sector, it is important to understand the training required for the jobs that interest you. Once you identify a job, take time to chart a path that enables you to gain the training and experience required for each.

Choosing a new career is exciting and the job prospects in Construction are certainly bright. If you are looking for a new career path that is both challenging and rewarding, please contact us and let Condustrial help you find the job that best fits your unique needs.

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