Why You Should Consider a New Career as a Steelworker

August 16, 2022

Are you interested in making over $28/hour, having a 3-day weekend, with limited previous experience required? Then you may want to consider a position as a Steelworker. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics employment growth for structural iron and steelworkers is estimated to grow 5.9% between 2020 and 2030, which means that 4,200 jobs are estimated to open during that time period. Steelworking is also rated the #9 Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree according to U.S. News.

Steelworkers work with iron and steel to “erect, place, and join steel girders, columns, and other pieces to form structural frameworks” (bls.gov). They are responsible for creating steel building framing, high-rise framing, and much more. Some steelworkers, especially those working with high-rise buildings may find themselves on a crane, attached to scaffolding, and at very high heights. Other projects may not require heights and can be much more simple.

Median Salary: $54,830
Unemployment Rate: 15.1%
Number of Jobs: 4,200

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 5.9 percent employment growth for structural iron and steelworkers between 2020 and 2030. In that period, an estimated 4,200 jobs should open up.


So how do you become a steelworker? Typically steelworkers will need to be hired on as an apprentice where they will study the field for approximately 3-4 years working alongside a craftsman to learn about safety and the job itself. During this apprenticeship, you will likely learn how to build the framework for buildings, how to measure, cut, and handle different pieces of metal and steel, how to read blueprint plans working with basic math, and much more. This is usually a position you will need to apply and interview for, and can be found through industrial contractors, local unions, steel companies, and more.

 Overall becoming a steelworker is a  job that many make careers out of and enjoy, especially those that like working with their hands. It is a highly rated career, that shows a high level of demand over the next few years. With the continuation of new construction nationwide, you can expect high job security in this field.

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