What Continued Staffing Shortages Mean For Job Seekers

November 18, 2021

The ongoing pandemic has continued to cause millions of staffing shortages both nationally and internationally. In fact there are currently 10.4 million job openings in the United States.

Companies are seeing delay in product delivery, longer wait times, and shorter patience from consumers and while the impacts have been long lasting, there are a group of individuals who can actually benefit from the need for employees: job seekers. Those who are currently looking for employment are in luck as there are countless more opportunities available now than there has been in many years. In fact, many are taking the opportunity to start on a new career path.

Here’s why a hiring surplus may be the perfect time to explore new opportunities.

More Opportunities, With Less Education
In the past, many positions frequently had an education requirement, whether that means a GED/High School Diploma, 2 Year Degree, or higher, many companies are now finding themselves needing employees that may not fit into their preferred level of education. This can be beneficial to job seekers as new opportunities that they may have not previously been considered for are now available and more easily attainable.

Employment Incentives
In addition to decreased education requirements, employers that are really struggling to find employees are also now offering sign-on bonuses. Some places, like select McDonalds locations, are offering a $500 sign-on bonus after your first 60 days as a way to attract and retain new employees. Which makes the already small candidate pool more competitive, but benefits those job seekers.

Competitive Wages & Benefits
In an effort to keep up with companies offering sign on bonuses and other opportunities, many companies are also offering more competitive wages and better benefits packages to new employees who start for a certain period of time. This is a great increase across the board as discussions of inflation have begun and job seekers are wanting positions that ensure a higher quality of life.

Overall, if you were already interested in seeking new employment or an opportunity to advance in your career and other factors related to the above may have stopped you from doing so before, now is your chance. Many job seekers have already capitalized on increased wages and will continue to do so as it is likely this season of shortages will create long lasting effects on the job market. If you are searching for a position in your area with competitive pay and benefits, some even offering sign-on bonuses, visit our website to learn more: condustrial.com/job-listings

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