Five Ways to Manage Workday Stress During the Holidays

November 12, 2021

For many people the holidays are a time of stress. Most industries are working harder to keep up with demand and many workers are forced into working later shifts and longer hours which can make the stress of getting together with family feel extremely overwhelming. Stress in personal life can of course turn into stress in the workplace and eventually burnout. So, in order to keep your cool through the holidays, you must learn a few ways to alleviate some stress. Here are a few of our favorites ways to help you get through this holiday season:

  • Do Something For Yourself
    Start the day or work week off on the right foot by treating yourself to a nice cup of coffee from your favorite place or a special breakfast on your way in when you’d know it’ll be a stressful day. This will bring you into work feeling good and can help break up the tension for the rest of the day. When you have a stressful morning you can often set yourself up for failure through the rest of the day, so try to make it a positive morning.
  • Focus on Organization
    Organization, whether it’s of your tasks or the papers on your desk and help you feel more put together and can ease stress. Knowing exactly where something is can not only make your job easier but can also diminish the panic of searching for something when you need it right away. Being organized often leads to higher productivity and greater efficiency. Make sure to also prioritize projects so that you complete the most important tasks first.
  • Exercise
    If you have some extra time during your lunch or another break try taking a walk inside, since it’s likely cold, or outside for some fresh air if the weather permits. Sometimes just changing up the pace of your normal day to day can alleviate stress and physical exercise is known to be a stress reliever. This is especially beneficial if you have an office job so that you can truly give yourself a true break. Try not to think about work while you’re walking and who knows you may come up with your best idea when you have a clear mind.
  • Protect your Time
    If you are working on important projects, take time to work solely on task that enable you to complete your assignments with out distraction. This could mean putting off email and other meetings for a couple of hours each week and allow yourself to fully focus on specific task.
  • Set realistic goals
    Project deadlines and expectations can seem overwhelming. Set up weekly reviews and adjust timelines when necessary. Being realistic about project completion leads to better results as you will avoid the temptation to rush a project to completion.

Overall, it’s easy to feel stress in the workplace, but being able to acknowledge it and take action using the methods above will best help you conquer those feelings of stress and burnout and will help you get through this holiday season.

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