Three New Ways of Online Networking

September 29, 2021

Throughout the last year many have had to adjust to drastic changes made because of the ongoing pandemic, and while we are finally starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel, the pandemic is still far from gone. This  means we are still waiting for life  to get back to “normal,” or at least what it used to be like. So we are still meeting on Zoom, limiting our exposure to others, maintaining social distance, and not networking in-person with others in our industry. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t and shouldn’t network in other safer ways or that networking will ever be the same. Here’s 3 ways you can continue to connect with people in your workforce to create relationships, make sales, and form a community all while staying safe.

Utilize Your Existing Network
Now that is it more difficult to meet new people at events and gatherings, it’s a good idea to strengthen your current relationships by asking for their referellas on others that they may know. While your pool may be smaller now, you’re connected to many more people than you think. 10 existing connections can turn into 100 if each of them knows 10 more people, and so on. This doesn’t even have to be a very formal conversation, just a casual recommendation of some people in their network that may be beneficial to connect with.

Facebook/Social Groups
Platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Clubhouse, and more offer dozens of different groups to join and network within. There are so many just like you looking to network and connect and are eager to do so in a virtual form. Setting up a quick message chat over Facebook can be a great starting point! Just a quick Facebook search for your industry can lead to dozens of Facebook groups to join. Not on Facebook? Other platforms like LinkedIn and Clubhouse are also great ways to connect. LinkedIn is like the businesses persons Facebook profile and essentially most are on there looking for connections within their area so sending a quick message to someone while complimenting their skills can be a great way to start off a conversation.

Connect Via Zoom
Of course we are using platforms like Zoom now more than ever and not just for business meetings, school, and interviews, but also for networking. Once you’ve connected with someone by seeking a mutual connection or finding via an online group you can invite them for a quick chat via Zoom. After all a Zoom call is the new “coffee shop meeting.”

The Covid pandemic has made us more resilient and versatile than ever, so it’s important to find what works for you and to continue to seek what’s helpful to you and your business. Just cause we are staying home and staying safe doesn’t mean things have to stop around us, we just have to welcome and adapt to the changes that come along with our current lifestyle.

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