Why Warehouse Work May Be a Great Career Opportunity

September 22, 2021

Working in a warehouse is an essential job position. Pretty much any item you purchase or receive has gone through a warehouse at some point and demand for these positions is constantly increasing. As companies move towards more access to online shopping and faster shipping dates, warehouse workers are needed to keep up with demand, especially as we enter into the Holiday season. In fact, according to CNBC, Amazon alone hired over 100,000 seasonal employees to keep up with demand.

While some may pick up a warehouse position on the side for some extra cash, others take the opportunity to try to make a career out of it as there can be many benefits to this type of employment.

Let’s take a dive into some of those benefits.

  • Pay and Benefits For Entry-Level: In comparison to many other entry level positions, warehouse work often pays more and offers better benefits. The average warehouse employee can expect to earn $33,841 annually, depending on your location, and benefits are often provided quickly and even to part-time employees.
  • High Job Security: In the last year many have learned just how important it can be to have a job that offers security. Thankfully, warehouse workers are highly in demand and therefore offer great job security. Additionally, these positions become essential especially when stores are forced to close and people shop online instead. Not only is the pandemic to credit for this, but overall increase for demand through online shopping was well on the rise long before the pandemic with no expectation to slow anytime soon.
  • Room For Advacement: In these types of positions, you’ll find that there is easily available room for advancement. Many in warehouse positions find themselves waiting only a few months to be promoted, rather than the years it can take in other industries. In fact, employers in the warehouse industry want to keep employee retention rates high and may even offer to pay for advanced trainings to help you move up.
  • Start Working Quickly: As these positions are clearly in demand, the hiring process is often swift. You shouldn’t expect to encounter too much of a waiting period for these positions. As long as you nail the interview and feel comfortable you should be on your way to your first paycheck in no time. Should you find interviews difficult or uncomfortable, be sure to check out some of our tips for interviewing HERE.

Overall, a position in the warehouse industry can be what you make of it. It can be the opportunity to make some extra money on the side during the holidays or it can be the next step on the path of your career. The benefits of the position and vast and with semi-flexible work hours you can surely make this type of position fit into your lifestyle. If you’re interested in learning more about warehouse positions or anything similar, view all of our open opportunities on our website: Condustrial.com/job-listings.

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