What to Expect When as You Return to the Office

April 20, 2021

With now more than half of all adult Americans having received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, we are finally starting to see the light and the end of the pandemic tunnel. But what does a post pandemic workforce look like? And What are some things you can expect as you head back into the office for work? We’re going to take a look into what some experts have to say on this matter.

Adapt To The New Normal

Bringing employees back into the office won’t be as easy as you may think. Many have settled into their new work-from-home office and routine, and adjusting back may take a toll on productivity. In fact, should employers decide to just move all employees back full time at one go, they’ll likely experience a strong loss in productivity as some employees will need time to settle back in and get adjusted to the old normal. Companies will want to make sure that the office space is made appealing to those less apt to coming back full time.

Continuing To Ensure Safety

Depending on state and local regulations it may still be required to have the office space set up for proper social distancing and safety protocols. Many companies have already implemented these changes, but for those that haven’t this may be an important step in not only following local laws, but making your staff feel safe enough to head back into the office.

Consider Adopting Flexible Workplace Models

We’ve seen how easy and in some cases cost affordable it can be to keep employees working from home, there is no office upkeep or rent to pay, so some companies may even want to consider becoming more flexible and keeping their employees at home. Even considering a split in-office and work-from-home model can be a good cost effective idea and can increase productivity and encourage new employees who need a more flexible type of work environment while also accommodating those that are not quite ready to be back in the office full time. 

As employers begin discussion on their post-pandemic workforce it’s important to keep the mindsets of their employees in mind. Some are ready and eager to be back in the office environment with their co-workers, but some are not and enjoy their newly refinished home office space. Maybe taking the time to poll whether or not your employees want to come back, or weighing the cost benefit can be beneficial to ensuring high levels of productivity and employee satisfaction.

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