Five Reasons Why Carpentry is a Great Career Choice

April 6, 2021

Working in a woodworking or carpentry field is typically very rewarding. You get to create something and make it come to life utilizing your own skill set. It’s a career path that is often sought after and well loved for its flexibility, sense of accomplishment, and interesting qualities.

In addition, carpentry is one of the oldest and most important trades to know. Being able to build and make things goes back hundreds of years and has certainly come a long way that’s to electricity and power tools and a general expansion of techniques and materials.

Of course, there are many reasons why carpenters love their jobs, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 reasons to learn the trade and become a carpenter.

Large Variety of Career Paths:

When becoming a carpenter you have a wide variety of jobs to choose from, in fact carpentry/woodworking is one of the most versatile career paths. You can enter jobs such as: residential contractor, commercial or industrial carpenter, cabinet or furniture maker, niche woodworker, and more with many other opportunities in between. Breaking into this field is relatively easy with many opportunities hiring for carpentry assistants at entry-level with opportunity for growth and advancement. You can even start to teach yourself some of the basics via a quick YouTube video on how to make a new piece of furniture for your home.

Opportunity to Earn Good Salary

While money isn’t everything, it certainly can help and it can feel good to get compensated nicely for a something you created by hand. As previously mentioned, there are many different career paths in carpentry and woodworking which means there can be a large variety in salary for these positions. Skill level, ares of expertise, and location can all affect how much you’ll make in a carpentry level so it’s best to do some research a position that interests you and the median salary in your specific area. However, according to the nationwide average for a general contractor ranges anywhere from $49,431 to $65,965 depending on the notes mentioned before. You of course have the opportunity to earn more depending on your speciality, advancement, and if you owned your own business.

Many also enjoy carpentry because it can help save money, if you’re familiar with framing and construction on a home then you can help know how to build one of your own if that suits you, and will help you cut costs. Additionally, you can build your own furniture, additions, fences, decks and more to your home helping you save the costs of labor which typically comes with a high price tag.

Satisfaction and Feeling in Accomplishment

Carpentry and woodworking is a type of career that is quite rewarding. Many of those in this field really love being able to watch the process of something they’re building come to life. Many of those in this field really enjoy what they do and actually like going to their job. This type of field allows you to be creative and express yourself through you work, similarly to how an artist would. This type of career often allows you to set your own hours of work which also leads to high employee satisfaction.

Mental and Physical Benefits

Having increased job satisfaction typically leads to better mental health. This type of field can often be low stress and, similarly to an artist, you’ll get into a zone of creating, building, and enjoying your work to the point where it may even feel like meditation and relaxation since these jobs require focus and attention to detail.

Many of those in this career path are also able to stay in good physical health as this job typically requires daily physical activity. You may often find yourself living heavy materials, standing on your feet for a long time, and moving around a bit. But, overtime you’ll likely decrease your chances for certain illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Job Growth and Interchangeable Skills

With a large growth in the real estate market and new buildings popping up all over the place, a job in carpentry has a high outlook with increased demand expected in certain specialities with an overall demand of nearly 100,000 a year nationwide, according to Additionally, learning these skill sets can allow you to grow and move around to different types of fields that can require building and making such as a designer or an architect. There has also been an increased demand for niche woodworkers in the last few years with woodworkers being able to create a custom piece, such as custom cabinets, benches, wooden animals, birdhouses, and so much more.

Overall, a job in carpentry is often sought after for its overall employee satisfaction, mental and physical health benefits, job outlook, creativity, ability to learn highly useful skills, and good wages. Because carpentry is a learned skill that is not often taught in school or college, this is also a position that typically only requires a high-school education. Are you interested in taking on a rewarding career in carpentry? Let us help you get started! View our available positions in carpentry today at

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