How to Use Social Media To Target Younger Generations Entering The Workforce

December 15, 2020

With social media becoming so prevalent, especially in younger generations, employers are using Social Media tools to target perspective employees and people who are just entering the workforce. Apps such as Tik Tok and Instagram have been utilized to give people a look at the “day in the life of” a certain type of employee or employer and to show a real example of what that job would look like. And it’s working!

Since many younger generations have typically no set attachment to a specific career as they are just starting, they often are searching for different opportunities in different fields to figure out what works best. This is where a good social media presence comes into play. Younger generations tend to value a high work-life balance so using social media to showcase that your office has a good vibe or is a fun place to work is a great way to attract younger generations.

A good rule of thumb is to post to social media often while utilizing good content. You want to keep things real and also branded so users can easily recognize your company. You don’t have to make your feed exclusively showcasing this type of content, but you’ll want to sprinkle some videos and posts in while hiring, and don’t be afraid to get creative. Many companies also post reviews from current employees to give a real example of what it’s like to work for the company.

You also want to create a networking space on your social media. When users ask a question or send a private message, you’ll want to have a designated person running the account to ensure a speedy response time so that the potential employee feels valued and a good impression is made on them.

With over 94-percent of younger generations utilizing social media and billions of users per month, recruiters are successfully utilizing Social Media tools to target their audiences. Using some of the ideas recommended above you’ll be able to showcase your workplace to younger generations entering the workforce and why they would want to work for you!

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